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    Deposit $101 or more to your account and get an extra 101% of the amount. Let your trading become more efficient with every deposit!
    Get bonus


    Applies with every deposit
    Triples the volume for trading
    Persists during active trading

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    Get bonus

    Full promotion terms:

    1. The promotion period is from June 26, 2024 to August 28, 2024.
    2. The promotion is valid for Classic MT4, Classic MT5 and Market Pro MT4 accounts with any account currency, not connected to other promotions.
    3. In order to use The Offer you should:
      1. Confirm personal data.
      2. Enable The Offer for one of the trading accounts in your Client Area. Please, note: it’s impossible to disable The Offer or pick another account!
    4. The amount of bonus is:
      1. 101% for each deposit from 101 USD / 101 EUR in the trading account currency or the equivalent of 101 USD at the company’s internal rate for other available trading account currencies;
    5. The bonus will be not credited, if:
      1. The amount of all account fundings minus all Client's withdrawals is negative at the account over the last 180 days;
      2. In the result of the conversion, commissions, and other costs when account funding, the amount becomes lesser than specified in clause 4 of these terms;
      3. In the result of trading operations, the amount in the account balance at the moment of bonus crediting becomes lesser than specified in clause 4 of these terms;
    6. Any account funding from external sources (payment systems) is taken into account if The Offer is enabled.
    7. According to the Offer Terms, any withdrawals or internal fund transfers between the accounts are considered withdrawals.
    8. The bonus is credited to the trading account in the Credit field during 30 minutes after the account was funding and is intended to support the account in time of a drawdown or increasing trading volume.
    9. The maximum amount of an active bonus on an account cannot exceed 2,500 USD / 2,500 EUR in the currency of the trading account or the equivalent of 2,500 USD at the company’s internal rate for other available currencies of the trading account. After debiting, the bonus can be received an unlimited number of times in accordance with the terms of the promotion.
    10. The bonus is partially deducted from the account at any time, provided that as a result of fixed or floating profit the current funds on the account exceed the amount of funds since the last change (increase or decrease) of the bonus amount.
      1. For example:
        Partial bonus deduction formula: (Current account funds) - (Account funds at the time of the first active bonus crediting) - (All deposits) - (Bonus funds under the promotion).
        The formula for calculating the account funds after bonus crediting: Balance + Credit + Floating profit/loss
        For example, a client's balance = 250 USD, their floating profit = 50 USD. The client enables The Offer and deposits 1 000 USD to their account. After the bonus (1 010 USD) is credited, the account funds will be 2 310 USD (250 + 50 + 1 000 + 1 010).
        If the open transaction results in loss the floating loss equals 100 USD and the account funds decrease to 2 160 USD (250 - 100 + 1 000 + 1 010). In this case, the size of the bonus remains the same, 1 010 USD.
        After that, the client closes the loss-making transaction with the result of -100 USD, and gets 200 USD of profit from the next trade. In this case, the account amount is 2 360 USD (250 - 100 + 200 + 1 000 + 1 010). Now, since the current funds exceeded the funds after bonus crediting, the bonus amount is reduced by -50 USD (2 310 - 2 360). Thus, active bonus on the account is 1 010 - 50 = 960 USD and the account equals 2 310 USD.
        If the client fund account again and receives bonus, the next calculation will take into account these funds and the bonus will not be reduced by the amount of deposit.

    11. The bonus is deducted from the account in the following cases:
      1. When the account balance turns negative and there are no open positions;
      2. Creating a request to withdraw funds from the account or transfer funds to another account;
      3. If The Offer is disabled for the client;
      4. After 30 calendar days starting from the last account funding. To extend the validity period of the bonus, you need to top up your account with any amount.
    12. The Company reserves the right to change the Offer Terms.
    13. Within this promotion, the bonus is meant solely to boost funds for trading. To prevent misuse of the promotion terms, the Сompany reserves the right, without prior notice, to refuse bonus crediting, deduct bonus funds, or cancel profits gained using the bonus. These actions may be taken by the Сompany, including instances where there are suspicions of an individual receiving bonuses in multiple linked Personal Areas.
    14. By enabling The Offer and receiving deposit ­bonus, the Client confirms familiarization and full agreement with this Offer Terms and shall not send any claims to the Company regarding the rules of using the bonus or the measures taken by the Company in accordance with these Terms.

    The promotion is valid: 26.06.2024 — 28.08.2024

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