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Forex encyclopedia

Commodity Channel Index (CCI) was elaborated by Donald Lambert to identify potential reversal points. This indicator is universal and used on all markets. The indicator's principle states that movement of all finance instruments corresponds to certain cycles, whereas minimum and maximum points recur in certain periods of time. Besides, CCI is able to signalize about change of price speed.
Real average weekly earnings is the market indicator used in fundamental analysis. It is expressed in absolute terms and represents an index in relation to the previous period. The index slightly influences movement of prices, therefore, it is considered supplementary and can act as supportive to such indicators of fundamental analysis as major interest rates or non-farm. Real average weekly earnings accounts for inflation and is calculated in relation to 1982, which was conditionally taken for benchmark. Thus, this fundamental indicator can be considered as the inflation figure, which is caused by increase in earnings. Also it can perform as the indicator of rate consolidation: if increment of major interest rates of Central Bank is expected, then increase of earnings can tell about growth of national currency rate. Publication of data is made simultaneously with publication of Consumer Price Index at 8:30 a.m of New York time, regularly in the middle of every month.
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Forex encyclopedia
Forex encyclopedia “Clever FX” is the unique project created by “FreshForex” company to introduce fascinating world of Forex activity to traders. The point of this clever project is to share the knowledge base of experienced traders with beginners in easy and convenient form. At the same time, transliteration of the English world “clever” into Russian language (which is the origin language of this encyclopedia) gives the word “clever” in Russian which is translated as “clover”. This word means “luck” needed so much in trading! Here everyone of you will find something new. If you are an experienced trader, we invite you writing an article for “Clever FX”. In the near future we plan to embrace all crucial topics of Forex trading and rely on your help a lot. Let's write Forex history together!

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