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Margin trading is a trading with borrowed funds. The idea of such a trading is to borrow money from a broker and trade with funds greatly exceeding trader’s own. This pledge is called margin. Margin funds are measured by the currency of deposit (for instance, US dollar). Margin depends on liquidity of a trading instrument (products). The essential part of the margin trading mechanism is to provide a leverage. To calculate margin-based leverage, divide the margin amount by the total value of a transaction. For example, the ratio 1:100 shows that in order you can trade, the balance of your trading account have to be 100 times less than the value of a transaction.
Psychology is considered to be one of three pillars in trading (along with trading strategy and money management), on which entire success of the Forex operations is based. That is exactly why it is crucial to have a proper psychological determination during trading time by controlling your emotions and preventing interference of emotions into decision making process. Prior to starting market analysis and setting yourself directly to trade, devote some time to a correct determination to work. First of all, give yourself a smile and try to relax. There if no use in a hurry, whereas a positive determination is crucial for trading.
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Forex encyclopedia
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