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Forex encyclopedia

Random article: DeMarker Indicator
DeMarker Indicator is the technical indicator matching current High with the previous Highs. For the first time the indicator was published in the book by Thomas DeMark called "The New Science of Technical Analysis". Originally Mr. DeMark wondered if it is possible to create such a technical instrument that would have no drawbacks that feature the most part of popular indicators. In his book the author introduces indicator as overbought/oversold index with zones showing attenuation of price.
Popular article: Momentum Trading System
Momentum indicator measures speed of price's decline and growth. If indicator starts growing, it says that tendency accumulates its speed. If momentum curve flattens out, it says that the growth fixed by previous Close prices is similar to the growth noted a certain number of periods before. If curve moves to zero, the growth continues, but its speed falls down and loses pace. Upon crossing zero point, the curve tells about short-term dropdown of price; if decline of the indicator continues, market will descend.
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Forex encyclopedia
Forex encyclopedia “Clever FX” is the unique project created by “FreshForex” company to introduce fascinating world of Forex activity to traders. The point of this clever project is to share the knowledge base of experienced traders with beginners in easy and convenient form. At the same time, transliteration of the English world “clever” into Russian language (which is the origin language of this encyclopedia) gives the word “clever” in Russian which is translated as “clover”. This word means “luck” needed so much in trading! Here everyone of you will find something new. If you are an experienced trader, we invite you writing an article for “Clever FX”. In the near future we plan to embrace all crucial topics of Forex trading and rely on your help a lot. Let's write Forex history together!

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