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Forex trading in Pakistan

Forex trading in Pakistan. Forex Urdu guide

The Forex market is a decentralised market and it does not have financial controls. This means that the foreign exchange market is a free to trade and anyone can join it and trade currencies. However, every country has its own laws to regulate brokers companies and traders’ activity. For example, there arу some restrictions of Forex trade in the United States of America, Canada, India, China etc. There are also some international organizations which regulate Forex brokers: EU Commission,  Ernst & Young (E&Y), Financial Markets Association (ACI) and KPMG.

Forex trading in Pakistan is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan or the SECP. It is also responsible for the Pakistan banking and insurance systems. Local brokers are regulated by SECP as well. Urdu Forex trading is becoming more and more popular, although there are not lots of domestic brokers there. Most of brokers that work on the market in this country, are the big international companies. When Forex trading in Pakistan online started, most companies offered their services only in English. Nowadays Forex training courses and forex analysis in Urdu are becoming more important for Pakistan traders.

Forex Urdu guide. Due to that there are not special tips how to earn online money in Pakistan doing urdu forex. In contrast to forex trading in India, for instance, you can trade any currencies you want, including the most popular  the Euro, US Dollar, Sterling Pound or Japanese Yen. The main rules to trade foreign currencies are to learn the basics of Forex, then to open a demo account first, practice in trading for a while and only after you feel confident enough, start trading on a real account.


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