Become a partner
    Become a Partner

    How to Partner with FreshForex

    Open a partner account and get a partner link
    Attract clients using the link
    Clients fund their accounts and start trading
    Receive and withdraw payments from your partner account

    Benefits of Partnering with FreshForex

    Become a Partner

    Why Clients Choose Us

    Best deposit bonuses and cashback
    Over 40 deposit methods, including local currencies and crypto
    Order execution in 0.05 seconds without requotes
    Over 270 trading assets to suit every taste

    What Partners Say About Us

    Become a Partner

    Detailed Terms:

    1. To start working in the partnership program, you need to open a partner account.

    2. FreshForex pays the partner a monthly reward for the trading of clients attached to them. A client is considered attached to the partner if they:

    2.1 Registered through the partner link or entered the partner code during registration with FreshForex;

    2.2 Funded their trading account;

    2.3 Completed at least one trade meeting the MTT and MTP conditions.

    Minimum Time of Transaction (MTT) — the minimum time when a trade is on the market (the difference between Open and Close Time). More

    Minimum Result of Transaction in points (MTP) — the minimum profit or loss of a trade is on the market measured in points (the difference between Open and Close Price). MTP values for Market Pro, Market Pro.Cent and ЕСN accounts correspond to MTP values for the Classic taking into account the number of decimal places in prices. More

    3. The partner is assigned a SILVER or GOLD status monthly based on the number of attached clients. The status is reviewed in real-time as new attached clients appear. From the beginning of each new month, the partner receives a new status.

    4. Partner compensation is determined according to the following conditions:

    Number of clients who started trading this month
    Financial Instruments
    Payouts from the day clients started trading (per 1 lot)
    On Classic, Classic.Cent accounts On Market.Pro, ECN, Pro.Cent accounts
    First 3 months From month 4 First 3 months From month 4

    5 or more
    CFDs on cryptocurrencies
    $30 $15 $30 $15
    CFDs on metals, energy, indices
    $30 $15 $15 $9
    $12 $6 $6 $3

    From 1 to 4
    CFDs on cryptocurrencies
    $20 $10 $20 $10
    CFDs on metals, energy, indices
    $20 $10 $12 $6
    $8 $4 $4 $2

    4.1. Trading turnover on CFDs on shares and ETFs is not taken into account in the calculation of reward.

    5. Depending on the partner's status, attached clients also receive a SILVER or GOLD status. The client's status is equated to the partner's status at the end of the month when the client was attached to the partner and is not revised further.

    6. Starting from the 4th month after the client's attachment, payment for the client's trading activity is made based on the lower status in the current month – either the partner's status or the client's status.

    7. The company pays the partner a monthly reward for the trading of attached clients to the partner's account on the 5th of each month based on the previous month's results.

    8. If no clients have been attracted within 180 days after opening a partner account, the partner account will be blocked, and the partner link and promo code will be deactivated.

    All the rights and responsibilities of the company and a partner are provided in the Partner agreement.

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