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In our platform, you will find more than 130 contracts with a high volatility, which indeed bring more profit than major pairs do. Among them you will find silver, gold, wti, brent oil. Check the diagram and see for yourself!

With the help of settings, you can estimate rate of return for all the instruments and choose the most profitable among them. Choose the most profitable contracts to start successful trading now!

Comparison of contracts based on the rate of return

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Rate of return for $1000

On the above diagram, rate of return of contracts is calculated based on estimated profit of conditional trades, which:

  1. Were opened strictly in the beginning and closed strictly in the end of a selected period (for example, “current month” implies a trade was opened in the beginning of month and has been held on market till the present day);
  2. Direction of a trade corresponds to direction of price change for a selected period (if price grows, it is assumed to be a buy trade and if price declines, it is a sell trade);
  3. Trade volume in lots means that required margin is about $1 000 under the leverage which is 1:500. Spread costs and commissions charged for opening a position are not included in this calculation!

As an example, let's assume that the balance of your account is $10 000. Having opened a position with EURZAR which volume is 4.31 of lot , for current month you might get profit in the amount of $7 168. Upon that, margin for the open trade would be $1 000. On the presented diagram you can check and compare the return on other trading contracts (on condition that margin is 1 000$).

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