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Thomas Murray là một nhà lý thuyết kinh doanh hiện đại, người đã nghiên cứu về W. Gann hiểu rõ hơn và có thể áp dụng được nhiều hơn trong thực tế. Mức Murrey có hiệu quả trong việc xác định giá của hầu hết các công cụ tài chính.

Murrey levels analysis

Murrey Levels - this type of market analysis has been demanded by many traders for a long time. Whether you trade shares, currency or futures, Murray Levels perfectly apply to all instruments. Main principle of ML is that all markets move in a similar manner (which means that behavior of crowd determines all markets and thus they have similar characteristics).

Murray Levels are based on discoveries made by William Gann in the first half of XX century. As William Gann performed as an efficient trader, his technique seemed complex and intricate. But Mr. Murray simplified Gann's technique: he created a special geometrical system that describes price movement over time.

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Four-hours chart of EURUSD. The downtrend continues. On the second attempt sellers could push major support and resistance level 1.0986 (4/8). This is the signal of continuation of the current downward movement. The next medium-term goal is the level of 1.0864 (2/8). In the short run, the goal for

Four-hour chart GBPUSD. All attempts of buyers to gain a foothold above (2/8) came to nothing. The pair could not consolidate above the four-hours SuperTrend line. Since the level 1.2207 (2/8) was broken, the main option is drop of the pair. New local Low at 1.2085 is going to be updated, then we c

The four-hours chart of USDJPY . The upward movement continues. There are no signs for downward reversal. Therefore, we expect growth with the next target 104.59 (6/8) and the medium-term goal as the level of (8/8). This option will be canceled only if bears manage to push and keep the price below

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