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Random article: Conscious trading
Of course, the crocodile often fails in his hunting. Prey may be dodged and escape. But the crocodile never panics. He returns to the waiting position and prepares for the next opportunity. One weapon to face the uncertainty in the Forex market is the discipline. When the Forex market moves in uncertainty, then the pro trader will protect his/her accounts with a high self-discipline. They create trade rules for themselves in accordance with the strategies they use, and with high self discipline, they always follow the rules of the trade. Forex is the world that is free to a high extent. But every trader should create trade rules for himself and should be responsible for the trading rules. This is the factor that distinguishes a pro trader from a trader who failed.
This consumer sentiment index represents results of survey of consumers, which is conducted by Michigan University. Questions touch upon confidence of citizens in economic conditions and prospects for the nearest future. Obtained figure throws light on respondents' sentiment and their intentions regarding spending money. Index is published twice a month. The fist one is the advance report announced in the end of the second week, usually on Friday. In two weeks final report is published. Publication time is 10:00 a.m EST (New York). Market respond to published data is minor. Index growth is favorable towards consolidation of national currency.
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Forex encyclopedia
Forex encyclopedia “Clever FX” is the unique project created by “FreshForex” company to introduce fascinating world of Forex activity to traders. The point of this clever project is to share the knowledge base of experienced traders with beginners in easy and convenient form. At the same time, transliteration of the English world “clever” into Russian language (which is the origin language of this encyclopedia) gives the word “clever” in Russian which is translated as “clover”. This word means “luck” needed so much in trading! Here everyone of you will find something new. If you are an experienced trader, we invite you writing an article for “Clever FX”. In the near future we plan to embrace all crucial topics of Forex trading and rely on your help a lot. Let's write Forex history together!
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