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Most part of beginning traders neglect psychological factor of market trading. However, over the time, everyone of them comes to an idea that psychology is 90% of trading success. Why does psychology impact so strong on resukts of trading? The main factor us that while looking at market a person percepts signals through the lense of one's knowledge and experience, which also includes fear, greed etc. Let's take two traders each made by one trade, but the first one will have profitable trade and the second one will have loss-making trade. We will analyze behavior of traders. Let's think their experience is pretty moderate and is equal. Upon making a profitable trade, the first trader will be encouraged with a successful start of the day, will think about reserve money to cover a potential loss and will have more ease in actions. On the one hand, it gives free play to looking for situations with better results, on the other, it can dull attention and as a consequence, to cause more harm than good.
I have traded for five years. And have almost always lost. To say I have had no Luck is no lie. But that’s what makes me special. I never gave up. And through all the losses and pain I have become a better person and trader through the difficulty and by perseverance. I studied brilliant money management and Strategies which all work very well. I went on the worlds best courses and paid big money. There is a proverb: It says: “ why is there in the hand of a fool the purchase price of Wisdom when he has no heart for it.” I was the problem. Not the market. I was un-disciplined. I over leveraged. I got lazy and did not analyze sufficiently. And the main reason for that was that I got caught up inside the Old day trading scalping trap of trying to get involved in market movements that were not mature, ripe and well they just weren’t ready. I have learnt that to be successful in trading this market you need be patient. Waiting for a setup means the market will come to your entry and then you take the risk.
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Forex encyclopedia
Forex encyclopedia “Clever FX” is the unique project created by “FreshForex” company to introduce fascinating world of Forex activity to traders. The point of this clever project is to share the knowledge base of experienced traders with beginners in easy and convenient form. At the same time, transliteration of the English world “clever” into Russian language (which is the origin language of this encyclopedia) gives the word “clever” in Russian which is translated as “clover”. This word means “luck” needed so much in trading! Here everyone of you will find something new. If you are an experienced trader, we invite you writing an article for “Clever FX”. In the near future we plan to embrace all crucial topics of Forex trading and rely on your help a lot. Let's write Forex history together!
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