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Become a Forex broker representative, tell your friends about possibilities of the world currency exchange and earn money as they make trading with spot contracts! Whether you run Forex office or work in the web, refer clients to a reliable broker to earn rebate!

Want to get Gold or even Platinum status? No doubt, some of your friends find earning on the Forex market and get a chance to earn yourself. All you have to do is just to become a Forex representative and advise them to trade with a reliable broker - "FreshForex".

By following simple recommendations you can earn either $50 or $15 000 each month

And this is not the limit. There are no restrictions for your Forex income and you can decide yourself how much time to devote to this task: 9 hours in the office or take your weekend to work as the Forex broker representative. Anyway, you don't risk with anything and this business does not require any investments. With opening an account in our company, your friend gets excellent trading terms and impeccable service, whereas you get a well-deserved cash reward from "FreshForex" company for his gold, silver, Eur/Usd etc. trading.

Just two factors matter for your income

This is the number of your friends becoming our clients and their trading volume. Their trading performance does not impact on your income you get your reward for each trade!

Forex volume is generally measured in lots. For each trading lot your friend makes on the world currency exchange, you receive up to $ 20. On average, a client of "FreshForex" company with the deposit of $ 100 makes 3 lots per month. Client with the deposit of $ 1000 makes 18 lots per month; wherease client with the deposit over $ 10,000 generates more than 100 lots for the same period.

As you see, you get a steady income even if a few friends of yours started to earn in our company!


Do you want to get maximum profit from each trade? Be active, involve more friends and get a higher status at the end of month. Your income will grow along with your status! Check yourself.

Bronze status
up to $ 4 per lot, 1 client per month
Your profit*:
First month — $ 24!
Second month — $ 48!
Third month — $ 72!
Your annual profit — $ 1872 !
On this stage, you try out the service and persuade one or two friends to trade in our company. For each lot they make, your partner account will be credited with $ 4. Money is available for withdrawal at any time. Get 1 client every month and get your profit for old and new customers at the same time!
Silver status
up to $ 10 per lot, 2 clients per month
Your profit*:
First month — $ 120!
Third month — $ 360!
Sixth month — $ 840!
Your annual profit — $ 9360!
At this stage you realize that you can earn a lot more. With Silver status, you already get $ 10 per lot. Get 2 clients every month and earn more than $9000 a year.  
Gold status
up to $ 15 per lot, 3-6 clients a month
+ Priority service
Your profit*:
First month — $ 540!
Third month — $ 1 620!
Sixth month — $ 3 240!
Your annual profit — $ 41 120!
With a Golden status assigned for trading of your clients, you'll see broad vistas opened in front of you. Getting only 6 clients per month, you obtain the exclusive right of premium service in our company and $ 15 for each trading lot! Only ten successful recommendations per month add $ 42 120 to your wallet for year!
Platinum status
up to $ 20 per lot, more than 7 clients per month
+ Priority service
Your profit*:
First month — $ 840!
Third month — $ 2520!
Sixth month — $ 5040!
Your annual profit — $ 65 250!
You feel that your possilbilities are infinite! Just one more client shifts your status to the highest - Platinum - and increases your profit from each trade up to $ 20! And it's 100% of the spread. Only one more client allows you to earn extra $ 23 400 !

*  Calculation is based on the average trading volume of one FreshForex client - 6 lots.

Tell your friends - it's so simple!

In order to convince your friend to open an account and start trading in FreshForex company, you don't need to be an expert. We supply you with a complete set of unique promotional tools: stylish promotional ads, bonuses and promotions for your friends and even your own affiliate web-site. You can get all this right now! All you need to do is just to present these opportunities to your friends in a proper way.

Create your story of success and make your dreams come true! And we will assist you in this deal.

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