Gold, oil and S&P500 this week


Monthly chart: the index is still located within March range and there is a high probability that April will end on the same level. Upon that, the upper Bollinger band points at 2180.1, upon touching this level I am waiting for a downward reversal. It says that such move will only take place in May.

Trend potential Forecast

Weekly chart:  horizontal range 2009.4-2123.9

Trend potential Forecast

Day chart: Supportis even better expressed at  the point of 2039.5 (the bottom Bollinger band).

Trend potential Forecast

Expectations:  flat is going on within 2039.5-2123.9 .

Trading decisions:

1) We sell from 2123.9 to 2039.5 2)  We buy from 2039.5 to 2123.9 Please take spread into account.

"Brent" oil

Monthly chart: so, bulls have successfully accomplished the task which we alloted to them, in particular – to form an ascending swing. It means readiness of the chart to start a descending movement at any time. Upon that, pressure of upward moves is significant and we won't wait for a reversal from current levels.

Trend potential Forecast

Weekly chart: Here is a supposed area of offer on Brent  74.56 (the upper Bollinger band). Target is 46.13 (the bottom band).

Trend potential Forecast

Day chart: bullish pressure is on trend, so we are waiting for the oil in area 74.56 for sales.

Trend potential Forecast

Expectations:  growth to 74.56 and start of a new drop with the target 46.13.

Middle-term trading decisions:

  1) We buy to 74.56. 

  2)  We sell from 74.56 to 46.13


Monthly chart: a local flat is undergoing resistance 1248.00 (the middle Bollinger band).

Trend potential Forecast

Weekly chart: a flat range 1144.93-1287.17 is working.

Trend potential Forecast

Day chart: range is expressed better within 1182.80-1214.93.  Growth to 1248.00 can take place only if resistance 1214.93 is broken. 

Trend potential Forecast

Expectations: so, we wait that flat will continue within the range 1182.80-1214.93. Alternatively, it can grow to 1248.00 (if resistance 1215.00 is broken).

Trading decisions:

1) Trade in both direction within the range 1182.80-1214.93. 

2) If resistance 1215.00 s broken, we buy to 1248.00. 

Aleksey Panasenko
FreshForex Analyst
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