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Am I up to high and stable profit?

True goal: Fully adjust one's own trading system
False target: Earn a lot and at once

You've spent a lot of time on market and tried different indicators to systematize your fx trading. However, you cannot explain the reason for the most losses based on the information in Forex training.

Your state of mind

You want to sharpen skills and enjoy your occupation. "Forex trading for dummies" is well behind. You learn interesting methods and interact with analysts. When you use such an approach, financial prosperity is not far.

What should be done

You have developed your own fx trading system and use it. Control over emotions – is an important skill that you have acquired while passing through Forex training courses. Profit does not leave you for long, you trade with confident «plus».

Now you can call yourself a successful trader. Now you know that Forex is not a way to earn a lot and at once, but a lifestyle, philosophy, a way of thinking, and it suits you. You feel to belong here. Other traders value your advice and conclusions.


Any trading system begins to fail. You cannot always understand what your losses are related to. Self-confidence – is a benefit and an obstacle. Probably you see the market in a certain way and your self-belief makes you think that this is the only way.

What to do next

Sharpen your system. Develop intuition and avoid a one-way view at the price you used at the "Forex trading for dummies" phase. Analyze approaches of others. Remember that successful traders will not forget to use intuition along other tools.

Explore methods of money management. Quality of service and customer focus of your company is where you can find support. Consult with analysts. Forum with informal interaction between traders can help you see other points of view on the market.

Now you are fit to use new trading account type – Market Pro with the increased speed of execution and accuracy of quoting, designed for more advanced traders.

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