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True goal: Develop emotional stability
False target: Read 20 more books to understand what you are doing wrong
Typical actions of a Forex trader

It is very important not to hurry now. The fact is that you are still afraid to make a mistake and lose money. This fear will follow you through all Forex trading courses, it is natural for humans. Try not to hurry a decision when to open/close positions and orders. This slow pace will help increase the number of profitable orders.

Now you begin to work hard towards your perception of the Forex market. Books, tutors, other traders and forums where traders share their experience will be helpful and will be your second Forex school.

The secret is not in the number of books that you are going to read but their quality and the most important – the practical benefits from Forex trading courses.


One may be tempted to wait until the price turn around and move in one's favor. Because of this anxious waiting, many even push  stop loss.

What to do next

Your goals - to learn to close an order at the right time and control risks. Analyze all completed orders. Write them down or use your account history from a trading platform.

Plan your profit and loss. Try to stick to the plan all the way through. Close your order once your profit has reached a planned maximum.

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