Forex holiday schedule

We are glad to present the calendar of Forex weekends and important national holidays. Forex weekends and holidays lead to a low liquidity on financial market. However, immediately after the market opening, activity can rise strongly and an experienced Forex trader will necessarily gain from this advantage. To keep you aware about current market activity, we constantly update our Forex holiday schedule.
Date Country Currency Name
01.01.2021 Australia AUD New Year's Day
Canada CAD
China CNH
Germany EUR
France EUR
United Kingdom GBP
Japan JPY
New Zealand NZD
United States USD
Hong Kong HKD
01.01.2021-04.01.2021 Russia RUB New Year's Day
02.01.2021 Japan JPY New Year holidays
04.01.2021 New Zealand NZD New Year holidays
07.01.2021 Russia RUB Christmas
11.01.2021 Japan JPY Coming-of-Age Day
18.01.2021 United States USD Martin Luther King Jr. Day
25.01.2021 New Zealand NZD Wellington Anniversary Day Holiday
26.01.2021 Australia AUD Australia Day
01.02.2021 New Zealand NZD Auckland Anniversary Day Holiday
08.02.2021 New Zealand NZD Waitangi Day
11.02.2021 Japan JPY National Foundation Day
11.02.2021-17.02.2021 China CNH Spring Festival Holiday
12.02.2021 Hong Kong HKD Lunar New Year
15.02.2021 United States USD President's Day Holiday
Canada CAD Family Day Holiday
23.02.2021 Japan JPY The Emperor's Birthday
Russia RUB Defender of the Fatherland Day
08.03.2021 Russia RUB Women's Day
20.03.2021 Japan JPY Vernal Equinox Day
22.03.2021 New Zealand NZD Otago Anniversary Day Holiday
02.04.2021 Australia AUD Good Friday
Canada CAD
Germany EUR
France EUR
United Kingdom GBP
New Zealand NZD
Hong Kong HKD
03.04.2021 Australia AUD Easter Sunday Holiday
05.04.2021 China CNH Ching Ming Festival
Australia AUD Easter Monday
Canada CAD
Germany EUR
France EUR
United Kingdom GBP
New Zealand NZD
Hong Kong HKD
06.04.2021 New Zealand NZD Southland Anniversary Day Holiday
Australia AUD Easter Tuesday
16.04.2021 United States USD Emancipation Day
26.04.2021 Australia AUD Anzac Day
New Zealand NZD
29.04.2021 Japan JPY Showa Day
01.05.2021 Germany EUR Labour Day
France EUR
Australia AUD
03.05.2021 China CNH Labour Day
Russia RUB
United Kingdom GBP Early May Bank Holiday
Japan JPY Constitution Memorial Day
04.05.2021 Japan JPY Greenery Day
05.05.2021 Japan JPY Children's Day
10.05.2021 Russia RUB Victory Day
19.05.2021 Hong Kong HKD Buddha's Birthday
24.05.2021 Canada CAD Victoria Day Holiday
Germany EUR Whit Monday
France EUR
30.05.2021 United States USD Memorial Day
31.05.2021 United Kingdom GBP Spring Bank Holiday
Australia AUD Reconciliation Day Holiday
03.06.2021 Germany EUR Corpus Christi
07.06.2021 New Zealand NZD Queen's Birthday
14.06.2021 Australia AUD Queen's Birthday
Russia RUB Russia Day
China CNH Dragon Boat Festival
Hong Kong HKD
21.06.2021 Canada CAD National Aboriginal Day Holiday
24.06.2021 Canada CAD The National Holiday of Quebec Holiday
01.07.2021 Canada CAD Canada Day
Hong Kong HKD Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day
05.07.2021 United States USD Independence Day
09.07.2021 Canada CAD Nunavut Day Holiday
12.07.2021 Canada CAD Orangeman's Day
14.07.2021 France EUR Bastille Day
19.07.2021 Japan JPY Marine Day
02.08.2021 Australia AUD Picnic Day Holiday
Canada CAD Civic Day Holiday
11.08.2021 Australia AUD Ekka People's Day Holiday
Japan JPY Mountain Day
15.08.2021 Germany EUR Assumption Day Holiday
France EUR
16.08.2021 Canada CAD Discovery Day Holiday
30.08.2021 United Kingdom GBP August Bank Holiday Holiday
06.09.2021 Canada CAD Labour Day
United States USD
20.09.2021 Japan JPY Respect for the Aged Day
China CNH Mid Autumn Festival
22.09.2021 Japan JPY Autumnal Equinox Day
27.09.2021 Australia AUD Queen's Birthday Holiday
New Zealand NZD South Canterbury Day Holiday
01.10.2021 Australia AUD Grand Final Eve Holiday
01.10.2021 - 07.10.2021 China CNH Chinese National Day
03.10.2021 Germany EUR German Unity Day
04.10.2021 Australia AUD Labour Day Holiday
11.10.2021 Canada CAD Thanksgiving Holiday
Japan JPY Health-Sports Day
United States USD Columbus Day Holiday
14.10.2021 Hong Kong HKD Double Ninth Festival
22.10.2021 New Zealand NZD Hawke's Bay Anniversary Day Holiday
25.10.2021 New Zealand NZD Labour Day
31.10.2021 Germany EUR Reformation Day Holiday
01.11.2021 Germany EUR All Saints' Day Holiday
France EUR
New Zealand NZD Marlborough Anniversary Day Holiday
02.11.2021 Australia AUD Melbourne Cup Day Holiday
03.11.2021 Japan JPY Culture Day
04.11.2021 Russia RUB Day of Unity
11.11.2021 Canada CAD Remembrance Day Holiday
United States USD Veterans Day Holiday
France EUR Armistice Day
12.11.2021 New Zealand NZD Christchurch Show Day Holiday
17.11.2021 Germany EUR Repentance Day Holiday
23.11.2021 Japan JPY Labour Thanksgiving Day
25.11.2021 - 26.11.2021 United States USD Thanksgiving
24.12.2021 Australia AUD Christmas Eve Holiday
25.12.2021 Canada CAD Christmas Day
Germany EUR
France EUR
United Kingdom GBP
New Zealand NZD
United States USD
Australia AUD Christmas Day
26.12.2021 Germany EUR Saint Stephen's Day
France EUR
27.12.2021 United Kingdom GBP Christmas Day
New Zealand NZD
United States USD Christmas Day Holiday
Canada CAD Christmas Day
Australia AUD
31.12.2021 Canada CAD New Year's Eve
United States USD
United Kingdom GBP
Germany EUR
Russia RUB
France EUR
Japan JPY
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