How to conclude purchases in «Huckster Forex Advisors shop»?

It is very easy to make purchases in our Huckster Forex Advisors Shop – you'll only need to take three simple steps: choose a product, pay for it in the Personal Area, receive archive file with software through e-mail and install program in the trading terminal. To make purchases, please !

Choose a product

Proceed to description of the product you are interested in and press «Buy» button. Upon that you will be redirected to your Personal Area, «Forex Expert Advisors Shop» section.

Pay for purchase

On the «Huckster Forex Advisors Shop» page of the Personal Area you will be offered to choose payment system and pay for your purchase. As soon as the bill is paid, notification about your order status and further instructions will be e-mail to you.

Get program archive file to your e-mail

Archive program file will be e-mailed to you within 3 days. Along with the mentioned file, its installation and operation manual is sent.

Install the program

Install the program in your trading terminal and, if required, enter activation key you received along with the program file. Congratulations, the program is absolutely ready to run!

How to download free programs?

Free products is available for download by all clients of "FreshForex" company with verified personal data and trading record for the last month.To download free programs, it is required to .

Regulations for buyers
1. General provisions
1.1 Any client of “FreshForex” company can be a buyer of products.
1.2 All products acquired in the shop shall be solely exploited on the accounts of “FreshForex” company. In the event of failure to comply with the present rule, the product license shall be canceled whereas money funds are not refunded.
1.3 If for any reasons the product does not satisfy buyer's requirements, they can request for refund. This rule is effective within 30 days from the moment of making a purchase.
1.4 Purchase of product shall not mean acquisition of rights for the product which is solely provided for buyer's personal use.
1.5 Each client who buys product in the “Forex Expert Advisors Shop” is provided with detailed user manual and technical support rendered by developer.
1.6 Buyer has the right to demand from developer to fix fatal error found in the product which impedes product's operation or makes it impossible.
1.7 Buyer must not decompile product on their own or with the help of third parties and use obtained code for external commercial purposes or in free products. Decompilation attempts shall be treated as violation of product use policy.
1.8 Buyer must not put purchased product on any information web-sites for free use or transfer it to third parties without consent of management of the shop.
1.9 Free products can be obtained by any client of “FreshForex” with verified personal details and records of trading activity for the last month.
2. Technical support
2.1 Each buyer is provided with technical support rendered by developer for purchased product.
2.2 “FreshForex” company does not render support for the products acquired in the “Forex Trading Advisors Shop”.
2.3 Support is provided through e-mail or communication on the forum thread dedicated to the product.
2.4 Upon cancellation of product license, support is terminated.
2.5 Developer's support is not rendered for free products of the “Forex Advisors Expert Shop”.
3. Product purchase procedure
3.1 To make a purchase in the “Forex Expert Advisors Shop”, it is required to open trading account in “FreshForex” company and verify personal details.
3.2 To purchase product, it is required to move to product's description and press “Buy” button.
3.3 Any available payment method in “My purchases” area of the Personal cabinet can be used for paying for purchase.
3.4 Upon payment, the letter with further instructions will be sent to buyer's e-mail address.
3.5 Archive file with the program will be sent to buyer's e-mail within 24 hours.
4. Cancellation of product license
4.1 Under one of the below conditions the license for acquired product shall be canceled:
4.1.1 Refunding of check for acquired product;
4.1.2 Violation of product use policy:
A) Decompilation of product by buyer or through third parties and using obtained code for external commercial or free products.
B) Placing product for public access or giving it to third parties without consent of management of the shop.
C) Exploitation of product on accounts of other broker companies.
4.2 In view of violations in case of cancellation of license the funds spent for purchase shall not be refunded.
5. Liability of parties
5.1. FreshForex company is not liable for any activity of vendors, quality of products offered by them and technical support provided to buyers. Purchasing of any product is made by you at your own risk and responsibility.
5.2. Neither vendor nor “FreshForex” company is not responsible for any direct or indirect losses caused by operation of products purchased in Expert Advisors shop.
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