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Welcome to the «FreshForex» support page!
We have prepared a list of frequently asked questions and answers on them. Please choose the type of question - you will see a page with a list of problematic situation and standard solutions.
• How to open a trading account?>

If you want to open trading account in our company, please, use this link. If you have already registered in our company, then you can open trading account in your Personal area. Information on opening new trading account will be sent to your email. You can find detailed video-instruction on opening trading account below.


• How to open a demo account?>

If you want to open demo account in our company, please, use this link. If you have already registered in our company, then you can open demo account in your Personal area. Information on opening new demo account will be sent to your email. You can find detailed video instruction on opening demo account below.

• How to recover code word (phone password)?>

To recover the password, send an application of the following type from your registered e-mail address to
< Full name, account number. Please recover the password for the trading account/ codeword (specify)>

Attachment to your email: scanned copy of your identity proof (verified translation to English is required) and the picture of you holding your proof of ID in hands. Your face along with your photo on the proof of ID must be well seen on the picture. The photo on the proof of ID must be also seen well.

The time required to retrieve  a password: not more than 3 hours (in company’s working hours: 6 am - 3 pm GMT except holidays and weekends).

• How many accounts can be opened by one client?>
Our clients have an opportunity to open up to 9 real accounts (of any type and currency, offered by the company), as well as an affiliate account.
• How to change the currency / type of account?>

The change of currency / type of account is impossible, but it is always possible to open a new account in the desired currency. To do this, log in to the Personal area, select «Trading conditions» > click «Open Account», fill all required fields and click on «Open Account».

Please note that you have an opportunity to open up to 6 real accounts (of any type and currency, which are offered by the company), as well as affiliate account.

• How to change an e-mail address if I cannot access the previous one?>

To change an e-mail address, send the following request to from your new e-mail:

< Full name, account address, old and new e-mail address. Please change my e-mail address, because...">.

Also please attach scanned proof of ID (the page with photo and proof of residence) and the picture of you holding your proof of ID in hands. Your face along with your photo on the proof of ID must be well seen on the picture. The photo on the proof of ID must be also seen well.

We usually change email address within 3 hours (within business hours of the company from 6:00 am to 3 pm GMT except for the weekend)

• What is the partner code in registration form? Do I need to fill it?>
Partner code - This field is required, if you register through a partner. So you will be attached to the partner. If you decide to register by yourself, leave this field blank.
• How to delete my account? How to remove personal information?>
Trading account gets automatically blocked if there is no money as well as commercial and non-commercial operations on it within 3 months.
• How can I change my phone number? I don’t have access to the old one.>

To change the phone number, send a request to from your registered e-mail address. It must be the following:

"Full name, account number, old number, new number, please change phone number, because ..."

Also attach a scanned copy of your identity proof (the pages with photo and address) and the picture of you holding your proof of ID in hands. Your face along with your photo on the proof of ID must be well seen on the picture. The photo on the proof of ID must be also seen well.

The time required to change the phone number: under 4 hours (within business hours of the company 6 am - 3 pm GMT, except holidays).

• Should I be registered in tax organs as an entrepreneur?>
There is no legal necessarily for registration in tax organs as an entrepreneur.
• What tax will be levied on profit from the Forex market?>

Our company does not perform as a tax agent, so the client pays for himself all taxes and fees that arise when the client receives profits from trading operations without any participation of the company. That means that the client has the liability to pay taxes on his own.

According to the legislation of the Russian Federation (Chapter 23 of the Tax Code, "Tax on income for individuals") tax on personal income for residents is 13%, for non-residents - 30%. In this case, it should be noted that the tax base, which can confirmed, is a bank account balance. The tax base and trading account balance are not the same thing, tax base is only the profit that a customer brings to his bank account. However, if you make a withdrawal from the trading account and transfer to a bank account a sum less than you have originally credited to the account, that means, that the balance is negative, so the object of taxation is absent, until the balance will not be positive. The tax base should be described in the tax statement, which should be served not later than April 30 of the year following after the expired tax period.

• Does the company provide asset management services; can it help to find an investor?>
No, the company does not provide asset management services. In addition, the company is not involved in the relationship between traders and investors. You should resolve all rights and obligations between you and your investor by yourself.
• Does the company lend money for managing?>
No, we do not provide loans or funds in trust. In addition, the company does not act as a third party in relationship between traders and investors. All the rights and obligations should be resolved be your own.
• Can a legal person enter into a contract with you?>
Unfortunately, no, «FreshForex» does not work with corporate clients.
• What is the difference between the dollar account and accounts in rubles or euros?>
The only difference is in the account currency — a reflection of the money supply, in which all non-trading and trading operations are nominated and calculated. As a result, the choice of currency depends on the preferences of each trader
• What are your advantages over other companies that provide access to the Forex market?>
Our advantages are:
  • Attractive trading conditions: narrow floating spreads and trading inside spreads, instant order execution (Market Execution), absence of pending order set limits. «Non-Dealing Desk» (NDD) trading mode is available for all traders, and at the same time, we have no minimal deposit limit and no fees for transactions. 
  • According to our internal rules, the processing of your withdrawal applications lasts for 10 minutes in company’s business hours. Depositing via almost all deposit tools is performed immediately. That means that you are free to manage your deposit without wasting time on waiting.
  • Prompt and attentive customer service: you do not have to talk to the half of company staff members in order to achieve a solution to your problem. All necessary information will be provided by a competent person - your personal manager. If an urgent question occurs after business hours of the company — you can always contact our round the clock (24/5) on-line support.
• What is the company working at?>
The «FreshForex» company provides access to trading in the international Forex currency exchange market. Our clients earn on the change of currency exchange rates.
• How to recover password for real trading account?>

To recover trading password log in on FreshForex website. On the green upper panel place the cursor on Client Area, then choose "Trading Password Recovery" in the appeared list (in the left column). Confirm password recovery in the appeared window. Enter SMS-code that will be sent to your mobile phone. New trading password will be sent to your email address.

• What is the difference between Classic and Market Pro accounts?>

On both Classic and Market Pro accounts orders are executed under the Market Execution mode (Market version).
In this mode, the order is executed at a price that will be in the market at the time of opening or closing of that particular order. To reduce possible risks of slippage, the company has significantly reduced the time of execution (now around 0.5-1.5 seconds). At the same time, all other kinds of requests get executed faster (pending orders, order modification).

But the important feature of Market Pro accounts is that Stop Loss and Take Profit orders can be set only after opening position (this is related to the internal mechanisms of processing orders in the market performance).

In addition, the quotation accuracy in Classic accounts is 4 (2) signs after the decimal point, and in the accounts of Market Pro - 5 (3) signs. A detailed comparison of two types of accounts is presented on the site in section «trading conditions».

• The order has hit the rate that was on the chart - the position is not closed! Why the order did not work (stop loss, take profit, or a pending order)?>
The fact is that: BUY Orders open at Ask price, and close at the Bid. SELL orders open at Bid and close at the Ask. Ask = Bid ​​+ Spread, but all charts in the terminal are built just for the Bid price (Ask is not visible).

To show the line that will display the current Ask price, please click on the chart, right-click menu and go to «Properties» and then in the «General» tab set the mark on the item «Show Ask Lin»

To make the line of current Ask price visible on all newly opened charts, chose «Tools» > «Charts» and check the «Show Ask Line». (if the Ask line is still not visible, it is necessary to reduce the period or scale of the chart, because the spread value is negligible in the current scale).

• The order was processed with an error, what shall I do? Where to send a claim on orders processing?>

The deadline for submitting a claim is not more than 3 calendar days after the dispute arises. Only the orders on which the technical failure has occurred are reviewed, all the orders opened further will not be revised.

Complaints are ONLY accepted in written form to the e-mail address

In the message body, specify the order number, date and server time when the order was opened and closed.  


Subject: Claim from the holder of account 55555

Message: 2007.06.24 at 14:22 I opened an order # 457 862, closed it 2007.06.25 at 17:44. At the moment of closing the order the market price was 247.20, but the order was closed at a price of 247.00. Please consider this situation.

• Does the company charge any fees or commissions?>
The company charges commissions only for CFD trading on corporate stocks. When dealing with currency contracts and other financial instruments no additional fees will be charged. All company fees are included into spreads and swaps.
More information about trading conditions can be found on the company's website in the section «Trading conditions».
• Do you have fixed or floating spreads?>

Currently, the company strives to provide the most favorable trading conditions and, therefore, provides floating spreads for currency instruments on Market Pro accounts and fixed spreads on Classic accounts.

Fixed spread (Fixed Spread) - implies a constant value between the sell price (Bid) and buy price (Ask). The company offers fixed spreads on all instruments on Classic accounts.

Floating Spread - means changing over time (dynamic) value between the sell price (Bid) and buy price (Ask) instrument. The company provides a floating spreads on all instruments on Market Pro account. In the section «Trading conditions» > «Forex contract specification» the range of the floating spread is presented in the context of three values: minimum, average and maximum. The company guarantees that at a time of rapid price change (after data publications, interventions etc) the amount of spread does not exceed the specified maximum value. The exception to this rule will be force majeure events specified in Section 19, «Rules of trading processing».

• Where can I find the description of trading conditions?>
Terms & conditions can be found on our website in section «trading conditions».
• What are the advantages of the ECN-accounts?>
  • Trading on the interbank market
  • Spreads from 0p
  • No requotes
  • Instantaneous execution
• What are the limits concerning trade volume or number of open positions?>
Max. order size is 10 000 lots (1 bln in basic currency). More information in the section "Trading conditions".
• What is spread in ECN?>

Lowest spreads are from 0 p . More information in the section «Statistics of our work».

• What is the ECN-accounts?>
ECN - Electronic Communication Network (ECN) is a network which carries the Buy and Sell orders of financial instruments for retail clients, banks and brokers alike. One of main arguments for using ECN is that client orders are displayed directly to the market place without any interference from a broker.
• Is spread charged for a loss-making transaction?>
Spread underlies trading and in fact it is paid right after position (trade) is opened. Therefore, no matter if trade brings profit or loss, spread is taken.
• What is the minimal deposit limit in the company?>
There is no minimal deposit limit. Recommended sum to start trading on Classic account is 200$, on Market Pro account – 400$, on ECN account - 2000$.
• Do you have cent accounts?>
Yes, the company offers cent accounts. More information here
• Why the order is closed without my command? Why did the company close my order? What is Stop-Out?>
Open a trading terminal, in the last column of the tab «Account History», сheck the commentary on the closed transaction (if the last column is not titled «Comment», in any area of ​​the tab by pressing the right mouse button open the context menu and click the left mouse button on the line «Comments»). If a comment has the form «so: …%/…/…», the order was canceled on the stop-out.

Stop-out – Automatic disposal of the trading server to close client positions at current prices without notifying the Customer.
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