Smart Bridge Technology - more liquidity! Hedging Forex risk under NDD scheme

In its work on the interbank currency market, "FreshForex" company applies advanced technologies. "Smart Bridge Technology" (SBT) system is a flexible and reliable mechanism used to hedge Forex trading risks, which allows us to work directly with several liquidity providers. The system monitors several channels of Forex quotes in a real-time mode, selects the best offer in the split seconds and esnures instant execution of an order at the best available market price.
Appreciate the benefits of «Smart Bridge Technology»!
  • Trading in the interbank currency market through familiar and convenient MetaTrader platform
  • Competitive narrow spreads from 0.9 points with no commission, which usually varies from 6 to 10$ per round lot on NDD accounts.
  • Instantaneous speed of order execution - 0.1 seconds
  • No requotes and order set limits
  • Positions of any volume are sent to liquidity providers
How does Smart Bridge Technology work?
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The system responds to your request immediately, without affecting the speed of order execution:
  1. You submit a warrant for transaction using the trading platform;
  2. Request is accepted by our trading server for verification. Then it is confirmed and transferred to "Smart Bridge Technology";
  3. The system finds the best available price and sends client’s warrant to liquidity provider;
  4. Your transaction is delivered to the interbank market.
"Smart Bridge Technology" works automatically and is invisible for you. This unparalleled service allows our clients to access liquidity of I-level banks and II-Level ECN networks through familiar MetaTrader platform. All trading warrants are executed automatically without participation of dealers (NDD or Non Dealing Desk technology). Thus, orders are executed instantly, whereas "Market Execution" mode ensures no requotes even when the Forex market is highly volatile.
Hedging of Forex trading risks with the help of "SBT" enabled us to create the most significant advantage – reduce cost of trading transactions. Due to this technology, we offer our clients competitive spreads with no commission charged. Meanwhile, commission on NDD-accounts varies from 6 to 10 USD per round lot on the market. Besides, we limit the maximum market spread, thus reducing your risks under high market volatility. For example, the spread on EUR/USD is limited by 5.0 points and if liquidity providers give a higher spread, our company undertakes and carries all Forex risks.
Even small orders (from 0.01) go to the interbank foreign exchange market and this is one of crucial advantages of our hedging system.
To estimate all the advantages of "Smart Bridge Technology" right away, open a trading account.
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