Forex literature

Is it possible to learn forex trading by yourself?
It is possible to learn how to trade - by reading professional literature. In this section we gave a list of books that can help you to create your own trading system, learn more about methods of market analysis.
For beginners
You can acquire basic knowledge to start trading by reading several books, that we have specially prepared for you. In these books you will find information on basic methods of market analysis, approaches to money management and trading psychology. If you are interested in acquiring deep knowledge in one of methods and you have a desire to study trading psychology, we recommend to check the appropriate book section.
  • T. Bulkowski  Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns
  • K. Hagerty  Day Trading Course
  • Bill Williams New Trading Dimensions
  • R. Brealy, S. Myers, A. Marcus Fundamentals Corporate Finance
  • W. Gann  The Tunnel Thru the Air
  • A. Elder  Come Into My Trading Room
  • J. Piperт The way to trade
Forex fundamental analysis
Watching TV news about the current economic situation in different countries it is usualy difficult to understand the full fundamental picture. Without studying fundamental analysis, which is a combination of planned and unexpected news it will be hard to predict the future price movements.

Here is the list of books on fundamental analysis:

  • V.Lihovidov "Fundamental analysis of currency markets"
  • Brealey fundamentals corporate finance
  • C.J.Satchwell. Forecasting, theory and practice
  • Developing new trading system
Technical Forex analysis
Technical Forex analysis – market view according to the existing picture. Relying upon the price action in the past we make a forecast for the future. To do that we use charts that indicate price movements for the past period. Literature is intended for both beginners and experienced traders.

Here is the list of books on technical analysis:

  • A.Kiev Trading in the zone
  • A.Ulrich Day trading S&P 500
  • Article from Elliot Wave
  • B.Rudd Stock patterns for day trading
  • C.LeBau "Day trading system and methods"
  • D.Landry On swing trading
  • G.Morris Candlestick charting explained
  • Gann course
  • Gann theory
  • J.Arps Swing traders toolkit
Money management on Forex
Money management is the basis of each trading strategy, that makes it safe. It's important to consider all risks, plan your trading on concrete financial instruments taking the leverage,volume and other important things into account. It's necessary to use effectively such methods of money management as hedging, locking, pyromiding and other.

Here is a list of books on money- and risk- management:

  • E.Thorp The matimatics of gambling
  • H.Roberts "Stock market and financial analis"
  • Balsara Money Manegemant
Trading psychology
Trading psychology is a big part of trader's success. The result of each trade depends on how trader acts and think before conducting it. Market is a living organism consisting of views on price movements. It is really important to learn the mood of huge masses of of people that «move» the price. 

Here is a list of books on trading psychology:

  • Balsara Money Manegemant
  • E.Lefevre. Remiscenses of a stock operator


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