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Morocco is the country of winners!

11 July 2016

Morocco is the country of winners!Dear clients!

The winner of the 5th stage of the "Great traders contest" is a trader with the nickname BRIDE. For 4 weeks of competition, she has managed to increase her starting deposit by more than 1000%. More and more women are entering the battle for the grand prize and win prizes!

We talked to BRIDE and here is a short interview. Get to learn her success story!

- Hello BRIDE! Congratulations on your confident victory! Please tell us a little about yourself.

Good afternoon! Thank you so much! I am living in Morocco, was born in Spain and moved here with my boyfriend, I'm 28 y.o. I am a music fan and enjoy watching birds.

- How did you come to Forex?

Forex engaged me about two years ago, my friend was fond of online trading and began to teach me. I liked it, too, cause I always loved numbers.

- How did you hear about this contest?

I came it across on one of the trading forums and told about it to my boyfriend, he got me in too. By the way, he entered the top ten. But I did not expect to be able to take first place. As many traders do, I tried to choose less risky currency pairs, especially taking into account volatility of today's market.

- Did you have any fear that competitors will show better skills?

Of course, as in any other competition. It's the same with me person. But since I have joined the competition, I had to show the best that I can do. It seems to happen (laughing).

- Do you plan to continue to participate in the "Great Trading Contest"?

Yes, just today I want to register in the sixth stage. I am not sure that can win the grand prize, but will anyway get a fun. It turned out that I like such competitions.

- And finally – what are your recommendations to beginners?

My main recommendation – never give up! If it does not work - try again and again until you get it. And trading is a very important practice. Through combining theory and practice, you will go faster results.

BRIDE, thank for your time and wish you more success!

Take avail from BRIDE's advice: enroll the competition and never give up!

Good luck in trading!
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