Is intuitive trading profitable?

15 April 2016

Is intuitive trading profitable?Dear Clients,

Many traders debate whether to rely on intuition when making trades. The answer most of them is negative. Only fundamental and technical analysis, advisors and trading strategies are reliable. The answer of Ross, our silver medalist of the 2nd stage of "Great Trading Contest”, is positive! His "trading on intuition" strategy let him earn $ 750 and the right to be called the silver medal of the Contest.

Ross, tell us how you started trading on the market

I do not have economic education and honestly, I do not have any education, but it does not prevent me to trade on the Forex for over 8 years.

The first year or a year and a half were the most psychologically difficult to me. I could not understand anything and just looking at the change of currencies, trying to find patterns, to use different strategies and only then, I began to trade and to participate in competitions, as you can see, even successfully.

Your "trading on intuition" strategy is interesting to us. Tell us more about it!

Yes, I believe that my strategy is based on intuition, but not the way many of you could get it. Just 15-20 minutes before the start of a large volatility or publish of important news, I get a great desire to see the schedule of a particular currency. Due to this desire, I can wake up in the night and double my deposit just for half an hour.

I cannot explain how it happens, but it does work! Last 3 years, I do not even use sound alerts or alarms not to miss anything interesting — I know exactly that I will note it.

I want to add that I never open a trade "just because" without any market analysis.

Why did you decide to participate in the “Great Trading Contest”?

I found an e-mail about the contest. As I am your client last three years, I decided to participate.

What will you do with the prize?

Money must work, they should not stay, so I will continue to trade. Maybe I will take part in another stage, I have not decided yet.

Wish something other traders

Participate in contests and promotions, trade often, begin with 0.01 lot and gain experience! Gradually, you will succeed.

Thank you, Ross, for the answers. Wish you success in your "intuitive" trading and in the next stages of the "Great Trading Contest".

Good luck in trading!
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