Saudi Arabia delivers a major blow to the dollar!

28 June 2024

Saudi Arabia delivers a major blow to the dollar!


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Oil prices have shown steady growth from $76 to $85 per barrel of Brent crude (#BRENT) since the beginning of June. This rise is driven by seasonal factors: high consumer activity during the summer driving season, increased demand from the transportation sector, and higher electricity consumption for air conditioning.

Saudi Arabia delivers a major blow to the dollar!

However, a more significant development in the oil market is the expiration of the 50-year-old Security Agreement between Saudi Arabia and the USA, signed in 1974, and Riyadh's refusal to renew it.

The agreement facilitated economic cooperation and military needs between the two nations, stabilizing the situation after the crises of the 1970s. The US benefited from oil at favorable prices, while Saudi Arabia gained a technological ally and wealth. Crucially, this agreement mandated that Saudi Arabia sell its oil exclusively for dollars, a restriction that no longer applies. This system greatly strengthened the dollar's position as the dominant global reserve currency by creating worldwide demand for dollars directly tied to oil transactions. Many have called this the "deal of the century."

Abandoning the petrodollar system could, in the long run, weaken the dollar's influence and impact US financial markets, reducing Washington's ability to accumulate national debt and profit from exports. Countries like China, Russia, Iran, and India are increasingly settling trades in their national currencies. By 2023, already 20% of global oil was being purchased without using the dollar. Now, Saudi Arabia can sell oil for any currencies or assets, including the yuan, gold, and even cryptocurrencies, which could significantly boost the value of these assets over time.

FreshForex analysts recommend closely monitoring changes in settlement schemes in the energy markets. Trading instruments like Bitcoin (BTCUSD), Gold (XAUUSD), and the US Dollar to Chinese Yuan (USDCNH) might become very profitable investments in the future.

Saudi Arabia delivers a major blow to the dollar!

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