New cryptocurrencies and improved trading conditions

08 July 2021

New cryptocurrency and trading conditionsDear clients,

Digital currencies are gaining momentum more and more and becoming more attractive — revolutionary changes are taking place in the world of financial technologies. FreshForex doesn't get behind too! We have connected 12 new cryptocurrencies and improved trading conditions for the pre-existing ones. Now your trading will become even more profitable and more varied.


Currently you can trade the following new CFDs on cryptocurrencies:

BNBUSD (leverage 1:100)

Cryptocurrency that belongs to the largest exchange Binance. It already showed unprecedented growth in 2021, ranking third in terms of capitalization after Bitcoin and Ethereum.

ETCUSD (leverage 1:50)

The Ethereum Classic cryptocurrency arose after a hard fork as a way to keep the Ethereum blockchain without a change. ETC has a fully controlled emission like Bitcoin. The developers are optimistic and confident about its prospects.

XLMUSD (leverage 1:50)

XLM (aka Stellar Lumens) is a Ripple split-off cryptocurrency. Its goal is to provide the entire population with equal access to the global financial system. Stellar is rapidly gaining popularity: for example, it is now available on Samsung smartphones.

XMRUSD (leverage 1:50)

Monero is a cryptocurrency with a high level of privacy and transaction security. The active growth of its price and popularity as a payment currency makes it especially attractive for trading.

EOSUSD (leverage 1:50)

EOS is characterized by high speed and scalability of transactions, in which it leaves Bitcoin and Ethereum behind. This is one of the ten most expensive coins in terms of capitalization.

NEOUSD (leverage 1:50)

Neo is an analogue of Ethereum with more advanced contracts. The coin is supported by corporations such as Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and Alibaba, which contributes to its growth in popularity.

MKRUSD (leverage 1:50)

MKR is the largest stablecoin of the Maker project operating on the Ethereum blockchain. The coin holders act as shareholders. This gives them the right to be directly involved in the life and development of Maker, which stimulates an active demand for this currency.

ZECUSD (leverage 1:50)

ZEC is a cryptocurrency with one of the highest levels of privacy and anonymity, which differ from Bitcoin and Ethereum. Interest in the currency is growing steadily. Since the emission is limited, the growth in popularity leads to an increase in price.

DASHUSD (leverage 1:50)

DASH is both a cryptocurrency and a payment system. Dash was the first digital currency to include built-in privacy features. It's characterized by an extremely high speed of transaction confirmation and is used in retail outlets around the world.

BATUSD (leverage 1:50)

BAT is a token and exchange platform integrated into the Brave web browser. The main idea of the token is to avoid any inconvenience associated with digital advertising. The BAT token is already accepted by such giants as The Washington Post, Vimeo and Vice.

ZRXUSD (leverage 1:50)

ZRX is a currency on the basis of which it's possible to develop new decentralized apps for crypto assets exchange. It has high growth potential as it proposes an advanced mechanism for quick and inexpensive exchange of assets.

OMGUSD (leverage 1:50)

OMG is a token based on Ethereum blockchain. Designed to ease interaction between blockchain projects and payment services such as PayPal and Visa. Became the first in the history of ICO, which raised more than a bln. dollars of capitalization.

For the most popular cryptocurrencies in our trading platform, the floating spread was reduced by $30 per lot, as well as the swap was reduced to 25% per annum!

BTCUSD (leverage 1:100)

BTC is the first and most popular cryptocurrency. It's in constant dynamics and has great potential for earning profit.

ETHUSD (leverage 1:100)

ETH is the world's second-largest digital currency after Bitcoin. Each transaction in the ETH platform is accompanied by a smart contract that is verified for its execution. Many other digital currencies operate on its basis, which makes this coin even stronger.

LTCUSD (leverage 1:100)

LTC is a cryptocurrency that aims to provide fast, secure and low-cost payments. It has been among the ten largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization during the whole period of its existing.

Recently, we told in detail why investors from all over the world choose cryptocurrencies both for speculative trading and long-term investments. Read more ->

New opportunities for profitable trading are available now. Make trades even more profitable with FreshForex!

New cryptocurrencies and improved trading conditions

New cryptocurrencies and improved trading conditions

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