Golden Words Promotion

Are you an active user of our Forex Forum?
We offer you promotion that will make your communication on Forum much more pleasant and profitable!

Open discussions, answer questions in topics, communicate with other traders and get award for your activity!

Want to use bonus funds in trading? No problem! Accrue bonus and transfer it to your trading account.

Full terms and conditions:

  1. General conditions of promotion.
    1. According to this promotion all FreshForex clients can get this bonus credited to their trading account for communication on the company's forum. Only Classic MT4 and Market Pro MT4 accounts, that are not linked to Tradable Bonus 101%, are eligible for this promotion.
    2. Promotion period is October 1st through December 28th, 2018.
    3. Bonus can be credited only to a registered user of official FreshForex forum that has a real trading FreshForex account and verified personal data.
    4. Bonus for published messages is calculated and totaled in accordance with these conditions and terms. Current value of accrued bonus is displayed in the profile of forum participant.
    5. Applications for Golden Words Bonus crediting are accepted strictly from 25th to 30th day of every month. Bonus is credited to trading account till 5th day of the following month.
    6. Promotion participant is allowed not to transfer the bonus every month. He or she can accrue the bonus.
    7. The following clients are not eligible for Golden Words Bonus:
      • FreshForex clients receiving Bonus for communication on other online forums;
      • independent forum moderators;
      • company employees and their relatives.
  2. Payment for messages.
    1. Golden Words Bonus amount per forum post ranges from 5 to 10 US dollars depending on forum section, where the post is published.
    2. Bonus amount for each section is displayed next to every forum topic.
    3. Bonus is credited for a published post only if the post is more than 150-symbol long. Please note that when counting number of symbols we do not take into the account the following:
      • spaces;
      • links;
      • tags;
      • сited text's symbols placed in the comment under [quote][/quote] tag
        For example, the message "[b]Yesterday the price stopped [/b] at the given correctional level "//" contains 51 symbols.
    4. Bonus is not credited for the following messages:
      • messages with no meaning (flood);
      • messages not relevant to the topic under discussion (offtopic);
      • non-unique or copied from other resources (cross-posting).
    5. When user publishes a message that don't comply with Forum rules or current bonus rules, bonus is deducted in the amount of double message price. A warning will also be issued to the User.
    6. In case of repeated violation the total amount of accrued bonus is deducted from user's profile and account.
    7. If the published message is deleted by the user, the bonus credited for this message is deducted.
  3. Terms of bonus use.
    1. Every Forum user can receive this bonus only to one trading account. If Forum administration or FreshForex company reasonably suspects multiple registrations for the purpose of bonus cheats, all the user's accounts will be blocked and total bonus amount will be deducted. Subsequently, the user will be prohibited to participate in this promotion!
    2. In order to transfer accrued bonus to real trading account user needs to send to Forum administration his or her account number (username) and bonus amount in the topic "Golden Words Bonus transfer" and fund the specified account.
    3. Bonus is credited to the account to Credit column and is tradable but not withdrawable.
    4. Bonus amount available for transferring to real trading FreshForex account must be from 100 USD / 90 EUR to 5000 USD / 4500 EUR per month.
    5. All the profit gained with the help of the bonus is withdrawable.
    6. Bonus amount:
      100% of deposit amount of 100 USD / 90 EUR or larger amount but not exceeding the amount of accured forum bonus.
      For example: user publishes 10 forum messages, each 10-dollar worth. Accrued bonus of $100 can be transferred to trading account, if the user deposits amount equal to accrued bonus amount and sends to Forum administration his or her account number (username) and bonus amount in the topic "Golden Words Bonus transfer";
    7. Following transactions are not accounted as deposit:
      1. deposits made prior to bonus crediting request;
      2. internal transfers from other account of client to the account participating in the promotion;
      3. any rewards, bonuses and refunds provided by the company;
      4. returns of the funds in the result of cancellation of withdrawal request.
    8. The bonus is fully deducted from the account:
      1. in case of any withdrawals from the account including internal transfer;
      2. if Equity of the account is smaller than current bonus amount (Credit) or if the account balance turns to negative;
      3. When total of fixed and floating profit exceeds bonus amount from the moment of its crediting. In such case all the opened positions will be closed and profit amount exceeding bonus amount will be deducted (if any);
      4. if the promotion is disabled for Client.
    9. If there are no trading operations carried out within a month, bonus funds are fully deducted from the account.
    10. Promotion organizers reserve the right to cancel the bonus, refuse to credit the bonus and/or refuse to pay the profit gained with the help of the bonus, if bonus rules are misused.
    11. Company reserves the right to change conditions and duration of the promotion.

Benefit from communication

The promotion is valid: 01.10.2017 — 28.12.2018

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