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eMoveSignal MT4 Expert Advisors

eMoveSignal MT4 Expert Advisors


MT4 Expert Advisors
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eMoveSignal Forex expert adviser notifies customer by a sound signal.

This advisor will be extremely useful for daytraders! Of course, you can come to trading terminal every 15 minutes to check market for a trading signal, but sometimes its more efficient to check the situation of a price change, for example, by 10 points. The price can go that distance for a few minutes, but can sometimes it can take more than half an hour. If the price changes advisor will notify the customer with a sound allert until the trader clicks the mouse on the chart to confirm. Then advisor recalculates price levels and will again wait for price changes.

eMoveSignal Forex expert adviser

Input parameters

eMoveSignal Forex expert adviser

  • nKoef division ratio of price levels  in points;
  • nSecondSleepwaiting period between sound allerts in seconds;
  • sUpSound the sound file name for ascending movement (with extension), located in the folder «FreshForex Terminal/sounds»;
  • sDownSound the sound file name for descending movement (with extension), located in the folder «FreshForex Terminal/sounds».


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