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eAlligator MT4 Expert Advisors

eAlligator MT4 Expert Advisors


MT4 Expert Advisors
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eAlligator EA is based on the “Alligator” indicator. “Alligator” is a simple combination of three common moving averages with different values of length and shift forward.

eAlligator EA is based on the “Alligator” indicator.


“Alligator” is a simple combination of three common moving averages with different values of length and shift forward. All moving averages in the “Alligator” indicator use median price rather than close price.

Entry parameters:


MaxLot – start volume of open positions

koeff - lots increase rate under martingale

risk — risk level for deposit, impacts on start lot volume

shirina1 - width of Alligator's jaw on order opening

shirina2 - width of Alligator's jaw on order closure

Ruchnik - If you need to disable EA, it provides “smooth” closure of section

Vhod_Alligator - Allows Alligator to open orders

Vhod_Fractals - Alligator's check by Fractal

Vyhod_Alligator - Allows Alligator to close orders

OnlyOneOrder - If it is False, repeated alert turns top up of buyings on

EnableMartingail – Use Martingale

Trailing — Use Trailing Stop

TP — take profit level

SL - stop loss level

TrailingStop – slipping stop

profit - Ensures profit once

Trailing works blue – moving average

red – moving average

green – moving average

Fractal_bars - Number of bars

visota_fractal - among them a fractal with suitable height and direction is searched

spred - spread

Koleno - Number of Martingale “knees”

Zaderzhka - Pause between trades.

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