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This forecast is based on the Elliott Wave Principle which states that investor psychology is the motor behind the stock markets. In this analysis however, the analyst not only observes the previous price patterns, but also takes into account the correlation between different pairs before releasing forecasts.

Elliott waves crypto analysis

Support and resistance system for cryptocurrency trading should only be used in a higher timeframe chart, like one hour and above. This is necessary because at such a higher time frame, brokers cannot manipulate the price to my disadvantage.

How I draw strong support and Resistance for Bitcoin, Ripple or Etherium.

Before I call a level strong, the same level must met the following conditions.

  1. Must have been used as a support before.
  2. Must have been used as a resistance before.
  3. There must be a big candle that broke through it at one point in the past!

Again, when drawing my support and resistance levels for crypto trading, I use a range, not a single line, this is because price tends to test particular level before retrieving, range caters for these levels.


Wave Analysis: During the previous trading day, the impulsive wave (v) extended slightly to the lowerside, but is still pretty much bearish both on the daily and the weekly charts. Today and in the next few days, we expect a possible continuation of the impulsive wave (v) to the lowerside and shoul

Wave Analysis: During the previous trading day, the corrective wave (4) pulled lower slightly but is still above 557.95, we're still within our buyers territory, and as long as the price remains above or within 557.95-672.11 this zone, we're interested in buy position. The anticipated bullish price

Wave Analysis: During the previous week, the corrective wave (2) stretched to the lower side and even went below the daily support level 0.6815 and is still pretty much below it. This is a bearish dominance sign but we're waiting for a clear sign that the price will continue to the lowerside. Howev

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