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How to join:


Open account and confirm personal information


Link Classic MT4, Classic MT5 or Market Pro MT4 to the service


Choose one of three schemes


Get money each week!

Detailed terms of the promotion:

  1. Duration of the promotion — from August 30, 2019 to June 30, 2021.
  2. The offer is available for Classic MT4, Classic MT5 and Market Pro MT4 accounts that are not connected to any other promotions. The offer can be activated on unlimited number of accounts.
  3. To join the promotion verify your personal data in the Client Area.
  4. The promotion covers transactions on all trading assets: Forex, CFD on metals, stocks, energy, indices and cryptocurrencies.
  5. In order to receive cash rebates for closed trades, enable this promotion for your trading account in the Client Area.
  6. You can choose only one of three bonus schemes for all the participating accounts in the Client Area:
    1. The first scheme: 10 USD for each trading lot for closed profit trades.
    2. The second scheme: 20 USD for each trading lot for closed loss-making trades.
    3. The third scheme: 5 USD for each trading lot for all closed trades.
  7. Financial result of closed trade accounts for the sum amount of trading result as well as for accrued swaps and commissions.
  8. Only closed trades are accounted for. They must meet following criteria:
    1. Minimum Time of Transaction (MTT) — the minimum time when a trade is on the market (the difference between Open and Close Time). More
      MTT value for all symbols on all types of accounts is 1 minute.
    2. Minimum Result of Transaction in points (MTP) — the minimum profit or loss of a trade is on the market measured in points (the difference between Open and Close Price). MTP values for Market Pro MT4 accounts correspond to MTP values for the Classic MT4 taking into account the number of decimal places in prices. More
      Symbol MTP,
      EURUSD 5
      GBPUSD 6
      USDJPY 5
      USDCHF 6
      AUDUSD 5
      USDCAD 5
      NZDUSD 14
      USDCNH 75
      AUDCAD 14
      AUDCHF 14
      AUDJPY 14
      AUDNZD 30
      CADCHF 16
      CADJPY 14
      CHFJPY 14
      EURAUD 14
      EURCAD 16
      EURCHF 14
      EURGBP 6
      EURJPY 5
      EURNZD 30
      GBPAUD 24
      GBPCAD 24
      GBPCHF 24
      GBPJPY 14
      GBPNZD 45
      NZDCAD 24
      NZDCHF 24
      NZDJPY 14
      EURHKD 50
      EURMXN 300
      EURSEK 130
      EURSGD 24
      EURTRY 50
      EURZAR 360
      GBPHKD 90
      GBPMXN 500
      GBPSEK 320
      GBPSGD 32
      GBPZAR 500
      USDHKD 44
      USDMXN 240
      USDSEK 140
      USDSGD 12
      USDTRY 50
      USDZAR 280
      XAUUSD 200
      XAGUSD 10
      XAUAUD 350
      XAUEUR 200
      XAGAUD 140
      XPDUSD 300
      XPTUSD 450
      BTCUSD 10000
      ETHUSD 500
      XLCUSD 2000
      XRPUSD 700
      LTCUSD 130
      BCHUSD 1200
      #SP500 32
      #NQ100 30
      #BRENT 25
      #GAS 20
      #WTI 25
      #ASX 140
      #CAC40 90
      #DAX30 50
      #DJI30 15
      #ESTX50 100
      #FTSE100 80
      #HSI 20
      #NIKKEI 30
      #Gazprom 33
      #GazpromNef 33
      #Lukoil 33
      #Magnit 313
      #MegaFon 33
      #MTS 33
      #MVideo 32
      #NorilskNic 2500
      #Sberbank 4
      #SurgutNeft 33
      #VTB 33
      #Amazon 50
      #Apple 50
      #Autodesk 5
      #Ebay 5
      #Facebook 50
      #Google 50
      #GoPro 5
      #Intel 5
      #Microsoft 5
      #NVIDIA 5
      #QIWI 5
      #Tesla 50
      #Yahoo 5
      #Yandex 5
      #MCompany 50
      #Alcoa 5
      #Alibaba 50
      #AIG 5
      #BankAmer 5
      #Barclays 5
      #Boeing 50
      #Canon 5
      #Caterpilla 50
      #CocaCola 5
      #Colgate 5
      #DeutscheBK 5
      #Exxon 50
      #FedEx 50
      #Ford 5
      #GenElectr 5
      #GenMotors 5
      #GoldmanSac 50
      #HewlettPac 5
      #Honda 5
      #IBM 50
      #JPMorgan 5
      #LG 5
      #MasterCard 50
      #McDonald 50
      #Mitsubishi 5
      #MorganStan 5
      #Motorola 5
      #Nike 5
      #Nokia 5
      #Oracle 5
      #Reuters 5
      #Toyota 50
      #Twitter 5
      #Visa 50
      #VMware 5
      #WaltDisney 50
      #Xerox 5
  9. Bonus calculated proportionally to the volume of closed trades is credited to trading account at the end of each week and is available for trading or withdrawal without any restrictions.
  10. Any withdrawal from account including internal transfer shall cancel the rebate accrued based on results of a trading week.
  11. Provided that participating account has no open trades and a client can change bonus scheme only once a week in the personal area. New scheme comes into effect in the beginning of the next trading week.
  12. Company reserves the right unilaterally:
    1. Deny a connection to Promotion, do not credit bonus or disconnect a client from the Promotion if client assigned to a partner and (or) in case of detected rule violation.
    2. To change terms and duration of this promotion.

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Choose the preferred Cashback scheme
and make additional profit every week!

The promotion is valid: 30.08.2019 — 30.06.2021

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