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Who wants to be a shareholder?

"Who wants to be a shareholder?" — this is not a game but a brand new promotion from FreshForex.

The bonus is given as shares of real companies with a worldwide brand such as Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Coca - Cola. Profit from the growth of share price will be entirely your profit, and in the case of price decline, you have nothing to lose. No matter what result of your trading is — an income from shares is all yours.

Choose сompanies, where you want to be a shareholder!

How to become a shareholder?

The more shares you have
— the higher your income from them is

Become a shareholder of several companies!

Detailed terms of the promotion:

  1. Duration of the promotion: from September 12 through October 31, 2016.
  2. To take part in the promotion, you need:
    1. Verify personal data.
    2. Deposit from 100 USD / 90 EUR and start trading.
    3. Contact your personal manager not later than one trading day from deposit. In this message, please specify:
      - name of the company from the list of CFDs on the shares, provided by our company:;
      - the account number, which you funded.
  3. If in the result of conversion, paying commission or other costs the amount is less than the required amount, the account will not take part in the promotion.
  4. Only the accounts, which are not linked to the "Tradable Bonus 101%" are eligible for the promotion. If this clause is violated, Company reserves the right to deny paying the funds under this promotion.
  5. A participant of the promotion is allowed to:
    1. Deposit extra funds to get the next bonus.
    2. Trade with any instruments.
    3. Fully use all funds on the account to trade.
  6. Bonus rules:
    1. Company buys for you CFD on shares based on formula: Deposit/Share price*. Upon that, the received figure is rounded to the nearest whole number to the lower side (because it is impossible to buy split shares).
      Example, "Microsoft" share price is 60 USD, deposit is 120 USD , thus, you can get 2 shares.
    2. You will receive a certificate by email used in registration. This certificate will specify:
      - name of the trading instrument;
      - number of shares;
      - Open price of a trade;
      - Open date of a trade.
    3. In your Client area you can see the trading instruments chosen for the promotion as well as the current profit, which you can get under this promotion on condition you meet the terms of the promotion.
    4. We buy CFD on shares based on Ask price of opening market the day which is next to the day we receive your application.
    5. After one calendar month, CFD on shares are sold (trades are closed), shares are sold based on Bid price of closing market. If one calendar month ends on the weekend or the day when trading with a specific instrument is closed, positions are closed the nearest available trading day.
      Example: If CFD on shares were bought on September 9 at the Open price of market, it will be sold on October 10 at the Close price of market.
    6. The received profit is added to your trading account. The profit is calculated based on the formula: (Open price of a position (Ask) – Close price of a position (Bid) * Number of shares.
      • If quotations grow and profit is positive, bonus is added to Client's account and is available for trading and withdrawal without limitations.
    7. If during the month quotes of the share drop and profit is negative, bonus is canceled (Company will indemnify for a loss).
  7. Bonus funds are added within 3 business days after a position is closed.
  8. If you make at least one withdrawal after you apply for the promotions and before a Close date of a trade, bonus is not provided.
  9. Company reserves the right to deny paying the bonus if Client makes no trading operations within the period of promotion.
  10. Further transactions are not accounted as deposit:
    1. Deposits made prior to linking client's account to the promo;
    2. Internal transfers from other account of client to the account participating in the promo;
    3. Any rewards, bonuses and indemnifications provided by the company;
    4. Returns of the funds in the result of cancellation of withdrawal request.
  11. Any withdrawal requests and internal transfers to other accounts are considered to be withdrawal under the promotion.
  12. Company reserves the right to change conditions and duration of the promotion plan.

* If the share price is denominated in the currency other than the currency of your trading account, your deposit will be converted before the shares will be converted into the currency, at which shares of the company is nominated.
Example: You deposit 5000 EUR and chose Google shares. Let's assume that EURUSD rate is 1.1000, whereas Google rate is 780 USD per share. Then, we'll buy 5000 * 1.1000 / 780 = 5500 / 780 = 7 shares for you.

Promotion is over

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