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How to earn on the volatility of palladium

Palladium on external characteristics and their density is between other precious metals silver and platinum. He is admitted the lightest of the platinum group metals: well melted, weldable and forging. According to the latest research palladium content in the earth crust is more than twice then the gold! The largest development fields are situated in Russia, Colombia and Australia. Due to it is low cost of palladium are increasingly replacing platinum and use it in the jewelry industry, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering.

This article will present a strategy for trading a doji candlestick formation, which allows you to make the best entrance to the deal and with the high volatility of the instrument to obtain the greatest profit. This strategy is very flexible: it is used on their own or combined with the other analytical tools.

Doji (doji) - a Japanese candle whose closing price and the opening is equal or almost equal and the body of the candle is only a few points. That is, prices may be slightly different. Dodge candles have to be about the same size shadows on both sides of the body. If some of them longer than the other, it will be considered a candle pin bar trading strategy and it is very different.


How to earn on the volatility of palladium
In terms of the behavior of traders doji means agreement between buyers and sellers, they agree that the price at the moment is the best and the purchase and sale are equal, so the market will not move. Dodges can also mean a lack of players when nobody buys and nobody sells, the price is almost in place. The lack of activity in the market is overdue in the night session. Doji is regarded by professional traders and as a reversal pattern, and as a continuation pattern.

Let us consider the trading strategy doji reversal pattern. It has its own characteristics. First of all we should notice on the chart large bullish or bearish trend with a full-bodied candles before appearance of the doji on the trend. The next candle after right of the doji candlestick must confirm the opposite direction of the trend. If a doji candle appears after a short trend or inside the horizontal movement, it is not a signal for opening the deal. It is desirable that doji had a small shadow to receive a more powerful reversal pattern. Only in this case, the trader may use the doji formation for transactions. On the picture above you can see an example of an application of the Reversal Doji Pattern in trading on the Foreign Exchange Market.

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