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    Nowadays, it is difficult to predict something. Moreover, about some broker future. But I trust freshforex broker for 100%. It is operating on forex market for 11 years.
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    To achieve some success in forex trading, you must work hard and always get new knowledge. I advise you to use good free information from freshforex company.
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    Ralph O

    I can only say good things for the time being of Fresh Forex...
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    Marat Kravcov

    I have known about Forex for a long time, but started trading just recently. And only cause of one friend of mine who started trading. His broker with whom he trades long...
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    The risk will always be in Forex; this is natural. Therefore, if a broker can provide some cover against the loss, it is certainly good...
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    I always pay attention to broker age. I don’t trust newbies. I had bad experience, when I should to save my money from broker, before these brokers became bankrupt...
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    If broker has ECN account, it is a good opportunity to trade with a high quality. Fast execution...
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    I've been trading for more than a year, so i can judge of brokers more professionally. If a broker provides different promotions, it's good, but for a real trading you need proper trading conditions...
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    I prefer long-term trading, that’s why I was really happy when Freshforex has launched new swap-free account. I have already used it, and had a convenient trade...
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    Nyman Jackson

    If anyone wants to deal with scalping, ECN account of freshForex perfectly fits this goal, cause it offers one of the fastest order execution...
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    Freshforex definitely has no minimum deposit. It really helped me when I moved from...
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    Well, I will share my observations. If you work with them on the intraday or scalping, use deposit from 1,000 dollars...
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    Baldwin Lawman

    This company carry about client''s comfort, I should say. First of all, their Customer Support Service is ery helpful...
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    So, I have opened account with them. They gave $ 1,000 no deposit bonus on trial, I run it in a week, and got extra profit to my account...
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