Wave analysis

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Wave analysis of the Forex market or Elliott wave principle is the type of technical analysis considering price to be similar to ebbs and flows. All price movements on the Forex market are subject to two types of waves:
- Impulse, or motive, phase – the waves which move price up or down (shown by digits)
- Correction phase: waves that respond to impulse (shown by letters).


As we expected, after the rapid upward bounce, the pair has renewed a downward movement. So, it is likely that in the future we will face an impulse drop, in particular, within the frames of its third wave. In this situation, we can consider sell options rather than buying options, the more there is

The situation on the pound/dollar still remains favorable for sales. After completion of the horizontal triangle as the wave [b], the pair did not move down in a rush. In this situation, the pattern lacks acceleration in the form of an aprupt movement towards trend. It is possible that this accelera

The situation on considered pair remains is favorable for the buyers. Sellers did not manage to push the price below a critical level. As a result, the price chose to grow again. It is possible that the observed upward movement is caused by f the ascending impulse wave 3. Since the price has not go

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