Wait for sell signals around 50.0% fib level.

08 April 2021, EUR/USD

Wait for sell signals around 50.0% fib level.

Wave Analysis

Yesterday, Euro continued to the upperside but failed to break above 50.0% fib level, while the price is still contained below this fib level, we will be looking for long term sell positions expecting price to breakout below 1.18543 towards 1.16242 towards 1.14775. And in case the price breaks above 50.0% fib level, then further momentum to the upper side is expected with the next ideal target set at 61.8% fb level and may breakout much higher. On the flipside, should the price break below 1.10243, then we will be looking for long term sell orders towards 1.16242.

Trade Recommendations:

Wait for sell signals around 50.0% fib level.

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Graham Osano
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