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Fundamental analysis is one of the most complicated and at the same time critical methods of the Forex analysis. A special emphasis in this method is put on reports made by key persons of global economic arena. One of such persons is Mario Drahgi – the European Central Bank President.

Fundamentale Analyse

Fundamental analysis in Forex allows to analyze various messages rendered by global events. The major goal of the fundamental Forex analysis is to determine which events can influence international exchange rates. News about stock trading and large market‐makers, international exchange rates of central banks, economic policy of governments, changes in national political life as well as various rumors and expectations matter for this type of Forex analysis.

Fundamental analysis is one of the most complicated and at the same time crucial types of the live Forex analysis. Success of the Forex fundamental analysis lays in determination of a clear mutual relation between two national currencies. For that purpose, one needs to understand how relations between those two states develop, know history of currency exchange rates, be able to forecast a total result and find a relation between events seeming to be completely untied at the first sight.


EURUSD trading plan: Any final trade deal between the European Union and Britain will only be ratified if EU member states are fully certain the Brexit withdrawal agreement will be implemented in full. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson plunged Brexit into chaos earlier this month by unveiling, a

GBPUSD trading plan: The U.K. unveiled fresh measures to protect jobs and businesses that helped ease fears about the impact of newly imposed lockdown measures on the economy. The U.K. will subsidize the pay of employees who have not returned to work full time but are working at least a third of th

USDJPY trading plan: Gold snapped a three-day losing streak. The yellow metal’s turnaround came after a precipitous drop of more than $90, or nearly 5%, from Friday’s session highs of above $1,959. This is a positive signal for the yen, as the Japanese currency correlates with the precious metal. U

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