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Great Trading

Win the car BMW X6 M

Enjoy pleasure of driving the BMW X6 M!

Imagine how you drive through the streets, catching admiring glances of passers and enjoy the smell of the leather interior. Your BMW X6 M shouts of its power every second: eight-speed gearbox smoothly accelerates you in 4.2 seconds to 100 km/h — will you have time to keep the track of numbers on the projection screen?

Enjoy the pleasure of driving your BMW X6 M! 15 stages of the contest, 150 prizes and the opportunity to win the grand prize are waiting for you.

Till the end
of the stage №15
00 days
00 hours
00 minutes
00 seconds
  • simple
    terms of the contest

  • minimum
    amount of participation

  • 10 prizes
    at each stage of the contest

  • How to get the BMW X6 M?

    Get into the top 5 of winners at the stages of the contest, one or several times!

    You will not only get the prizes, but also become one of 75 luckies among whom we will raffle off the car.

    Increase your chances of winning! The more often you get into the top-5 at each of the stages, the more chances you have to win BMW! The number of accounts of one participant is not limited.

  • How to participate?
    • Sign up in the Client area
    • Open a contest account, choose a currency and create a Nickname
    • Fund your account from $ 100
    • Take a prize in the rating.
      The reward is yours!
  1. General terms:
    1. Sponsor of the contest is FreshForex company;
    2. The contest is held with new real Classic accounts of FreshForex company. This account should not be linked to other promotions of the Сompany;
    3. Duration of the “Great Trading Contest” is from February 15, 2016 to April 9, 2017;
    4. Duration of the contest’s stages:

      1st stage15.02.2016 - 13.03.2016
      2nd stage14.03.2016 - 10.04.2016
      3rd stage11.04.2016 - 08.05.2016
      4th stage09.05.2016 - 05.06.2016
      5th stage06.06.2016 - 03.07.2016
      6th stage04.07.2016 - 31.07.2016
      7th stage01.08.2016 - 28.08.2016
      8th stage29.08.2016 - 25.09.2016
      9th stage26.09.2016 - 23.10.2016
      10th stage24.10.2016 - 20.11.2016
      11th stage21.11.2016 - 18.12.2016
      12th stage19.12.2016 - 15.01.2017
      13th stage16.01.2017 - 12.02.2017
      14th stage13.02.2017 - 12.03.2017
      15th stage13.03.2017 - 09.04.2017

    5. Number of participants is not limited;
    6. Former and current employees of the Company (as well as members of their families and close relatives), affiliated parties of the Company as well employees of affiliated parties of the Company (as well as members of their families and close relatives) are not allowed to take part in the contest;
    7. The sponsor of the contest has a right to change current terms of the contest at any time.
  2. Registration for the contest:
    1. To take part in the contest, a client is required to take the following actions:
      1. Verify personal data;
      2. Click the button “Take part”;
      3. Choose a currency of a participating account and set up a nickname, which will be shown in the rating of participants;
      4. Fund a contest account with any amount from 100 USD (conversion is based on internal rates of the company);
      5. If in the result of conversion, paying commission or other costs on deposit, the amount will be less than the amount specified in 2.1.4, the account will not take part in the contest.
  3. Terms of the contest:
    1. Participant is allowed:
      1. Register several participating accounts to increase chances for victory;
      2. Use automatic trading systems ("Expert Advisors");
      3. Deposit additional funds into account;
      4. Take part in several stages of the competition.
    2. Participant must comply with the present rules of the contest;
    3. Participant is not allowed:
      1. Withdraw or transfer funds from the participating account until results of the contest are summed up;
      2. Lock positions on accounts of one or several affiliated parties to receive gain on one or several accounts due to loss on other accounts.
    4. If the present rules are violated or upon his own decision, the sponsor of the contest reserve the right to disqualify a contestant at any moment without a prior notification and without providing a reason;
    5. Sponsor of the contest have the right to modify the present rules of the contest at any time.
  4. Defining winners and publication of the result:
    1. To win, by the moment of completion of the contest a participant is required to:
      1. Take the first place in the Contest rating published on the page of the contest;
      2. Settle the "Gain" index of contest account at least in the rate of 10%;
      3. Open the first order on the contest account not later than 3 days before the end of the stage of the contest;
      4. Close at least 10 deals on participating account.
    2. If a participant does not comply with at least one condition from 4.1 clause, he cannot claim a prize and victory;
    3. If several participants have equal index, the priority will be given to a participant whose account is opened earlier.
  5. Prize fund and awards:
    1. Winners are defined and rewarded within the first calendar week after the contest is over;
    2. The prize fund of the contest is $3 000;
    3. Number of medal places is 10;
    4. The prize fund of the contest is distributed as below:

      1st place$1 000
      2nd place$750
      3rd place$500
      4th place$150
      From 5th to 10th places$100

    5. The prize amount is added to "Credit" column, can be used to increase trading volume and maintains account under drawdown. All profits, got from the prize amount is available for withdrawal without any restrictions;
    6. The prize amount cannot exceed own capital of the contest account by more than 5 times. For example, a participant takes the 1st place but the first deposit is $100. In this case, the winner receives $500 from the announced prize amount $1 000;
    7. To receive the prize money, the winner must within 5 trading days from the day when the contest is over apply to his\her personal manager with the request titled “Prize”. The request must contain the number of the participating account to which a client wants to get the prize;
    8. The prize amount will be credited to the trading account number specified by the winner (on condition that request is sent as per 5.7 clause) within up to 15 calendar days from the moment his request is received;
    9. The prize amount will be credited only if by the moment of crediting, balance of this participating account will not be less than the amount of the initial deposit;
    10. If the currency of the trading account specified by a client is not USD, the prize amount is credited based on the company's internal rates;
    11. The prize amount is fully debited from the account:
      1. In the case of any withdrawals from the account including internal transfer;
      2. If the balance of the account is negative and there are no open positions;
      3. If equity of the account becomes less than the amount of the current bonus (Credit), provided that a client receives a 5 days' prior notification;
      4. In a month after the prize funds are added to account.
    12. By accepting prize amount, a winner agrees to provide the sponsor of the contest with the full information required for the interview on results of the contest. He should provide this information within 3 days from the moment when a relevant request is made, otherwise the prize money will not be credited.
  6. Super prize drawing of the “Great Trading Contest”:
    1. Each participant, who took the places from 1st to 5th at the stage in the contest, is assigned a unique number, which gives the right to participate in the drawing of the super prize;
    2. A unique number consists of three digits: The first digit indicates the five stages (stage 1-5 = 1, stage 6-10 = 2, 11-15, stage = 3), the second digit indicates the number of stages in this three, and the third digit indicates the number of taken place in a certain stage of the contest;
    3. Determination of the winner, who will receive a super prize, goes by successive occurring of 3 random numbers, which together constitute a unique number of a winner;
    4. Super prize drawing is carried out during the calendar week from the date of completion of the last stage;
    5. Super prize or its equivalent in terms of money is awarded to a winner within one calendar month from the date of determination of a winner;
    6. By accepting the super prize, a winner agrees to provide the sponsor of the contest with the full information required for the interview on results of the contest. He\she should provide this information within 5 days from the moment when a relevant request is made by the Company, otherwise the prize money will not be credited.
Winners of the stage
BMW X6 draw participants
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